Our Mission

Dara and Gwen witnessed their friends, family and colleagues face uncertainty on how to approach re-entering the workforce after several years at home. Their mission is to reach these women and offer them a solution to get back to work or start their own business by harnessing the power of PR for themselves. This is your comprehensive in-person guide which helps you to cultivate your passions, curate your life and ignite the brand within you.

The one day in-person course gives you the fast and hard facts on how to use the power of PR to re-brand yourself, curate a new life and jump back into the workforce or create your own workforce, supplying you with a step-by-step blueprint and clear actionable items to make it happen. 

Who is this for? Any woman that feels pushed aside for the younger generation and looking to get back into the game, kick butt and take names while doing it. 


E-Books, Workbooks and online classes will be available For those who can not make this session or who want to continue their education.

These women have either been bought out of their companies, chose to jump the corporate ship or are looking to change careers and break back into the workforce. We teach them the skills they need during flexible hours. Millennial may be the buzz word du jour, but we happen to disagree.

What We TEACH:

In The Enternship® you will learn how to identify your brand,  discover your value proposition, networking essentials, creating your story for the next chapter of your life and much more.

Not only will you gain hands on experience, you will also begin to make new connections in the real world, which let’s face it, is key in the business of Media Relations and beyond.