Why take our word for it? Hear it from some of our Alumnae themselves.

“ It is disheartening that so many employers do not value what a season candidate can offer to them, not only in terms of experience but also in terms of guidance for their younger team members. I think it aweomse that The Enternship is addressing issue head on and empowering #BOSSBABES everywhere.”
— Dalita K. , graduate of the first semester

“I was absolutely delighted to read about THE ENTERNSHIP™ program and sincerely congratulate and thank whoever took the initiative to create it. I have often thought about having the very opportunity that this program presents especially since I am now retired and living on a limited income. Retirement at this stage in my life was not a wise economic decision but was one that was necessary for my mental health. I just couldn’t take anymore stiff and stuffy corporate America insurance company regulatory affairs work. My creative juices have been inhibited far too long and need just the type of release that the training you offer will provide.”
— Charlotte A., graduate of the first semester

“ Thank you for recognizing that we have value and can out do the millennials all day, everyday. You can’t beat life experience whether it be in the workforce or in life itself. We are not entitled. We worked hard. Had good work ethics and you would/should be proud if you could scoop one of us up. Enough said.”
— Kim A., graduate of second semester


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