The Enternship now is a one day intensive, taking place on Saturday, December 16th from 10am - 6:30 pm. 

Whether you are a woman that left her high powered career in search of something new, took a few years off to travel the world or raised a family and are looking to start the next chapter, there’s one thing all of these scenarios have in common; life experience.

In our eyes, experience is always in fashion and more is more.

Not everybody can drop thousands of dollars to continue their university education (and let’s face it, traditional universities are not equipped to teach real world lessons the fast pace that is required in Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing). The Enternship® allows women to learn the tools, skills and trade all during the flexible hours of their choice. The agency will teach women how to  harness the power of PR to either brand themselves or catapult them back into the career of their dreams. 

Not only will women have the chance to learn the business, they will be able to begin making new connections in the real world, which is key in the business of Public Relations and let’s face it, just about any other business out there.

Kaplan and Wunderlich are committed to the women helping women movement and believe that all parties will benefit from this program together.

Women will emerge from these classes with a sense of confidence that will give them the edge they need to make it in the uber-competitive world of PR and beyond. 



●     You are a mom looking to re-enter the workforce.

●     If you are tired of millennials stampeding over you and getting the raises.

●     Looking to change careers and don’t have time to go back to school.

●     Have a business that you are looking to launch and need to know more.

●     Feel stuck with your career and don't know how to reboot.