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PR Yourself: Everyday PR for your personal brand:

  • Held in their New York City offices
    You are a brand! No matter who you are or what you do. You. Are. A. Brand. Everyone that runs a business, has a personal brand or works in any type business should know how PR can help you. Learn the basics and learn how to create a PR strategy for yourself and your brand.

  • Dara Kaplan
    President and CEO at Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, Dara focuses on big-picture client strategy, influencer marketing and buzz-generating campaigns as well as acting as the behind-the-scenes expert on top beauty, luxury and lifestyle accounts. Dara is also an established beauty writer, globe-trotting travel editor, jewelry designer and a lover of all things that sparkle! With a strong case of wanderlust, when not working you will find her climbing to the top of a mountain, wandering through an ancient city or exploring a far flung beach.

    Gwen Wunderlich
    As CEO and founder of Wunderlich Kaplan Communications, Gwen is an expert at crafting and delivering the messages of her brands to the media, investors, and consumers alike. She works tirelessly to secure the top print outlets as well as high profile digital magazines, blogs, and national TV. With a gift of the pen and a flair for the dramatic, she is also a jet setting travel writer, forthcoming author and dog lover. When not securing top media placements, you can find Gwen honing her interior design skills and working on her hilariously outrageous novel.